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Brandon, Founder Coastal Offroad

Coastal Offroad was founded in 2017 by Brandon FALSZEWSKI, a mechanical engineer passionate about off-roading.

When Brandon first started to look for a bumper for his 4Runner, he was frustrated to not be able to find either one at a good price range, or with the right approach angle. After designing his own bumper kit, Since then, was asked by a lot of friends to make bumpers for them.


From the very outset Coastal Offroad has been a brand for people who cares about their vehicle and who are passionate about four wheeling/offroading. We have made it our mission to make the best products out there on the market, in order to protect your vehicle in any off-roading conditions.


“We at Coastal Offroad don’t think that your aftermarket bumper wait time should be measured in months. Unfortunately, this is the case with many offroad armor producers. You give up your hard-earned money and are left waiting for a painfully long period of time that is vulnerable to even further delays. This puts your vehicle build on hold and can force you to miss wheeling trips”.

Brandon, Coastal Offroad

This is where Coastal Offroad came in place. Our objective is to provide top-quality 4WD armors and bumper kits at a fraction of the cost of the fully-welded products currently available on the market.

We are now expanding internationally within several locations (USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more to come) and strive to continue offering the best bumper kits and 4x4 accessories that you could find on the market.


Coastal Offroad started up as a small business located in Vancouver area. We are now proud to be offering a wide range of products for the 1990-1995 4Runner but also for more than 100 different vehicles. All of our products are weld-together kits. We are located in British Columbia, Canada and ship across all America but also to Australia, New Zealand and Europe. To be more specific, we do our design and prototyping in Victoria and the kits themselves are also produced in Vancouver. Offering a constantly evolving and wide range of 100+ custom bumper kits, Coastal Offroad has become one of the largest bumper kits providers on the market as of today.